Strictly Coffee

Strictly Coffee began as a passionate persuit of good quality coffee.  This journey continued with the creation of Strictly Cured - a range of
traditionally cured meats.  What started out as a hobby, turned into a business.  Strictly Coffee, in Robertson, showcases the Strictly Coffees and Strictly Cured products.  These products can be enjoyed as part of breakfasts, light meals or freshly baked dishes.  Friendly service and a continental environment ensures an enjoyable visit to Strictly Coffee.

At Strictly Coffee, we are passionate about the bean. As a specialist, gourmet coffee producer, we do not mass produce our coffees, but rather roast-to-order for the discerning coffee connoisseur.  We take great pride in creating the ultimate gourmet coffee. From researching the origin of the bean right through to the final roasting process. Yes, call us extreme, but there is nothing more satisfying than the inviting, comforting aromas produced as our hand-picked, expertly selected international stock of raw beans go through their unique transformation.

In truth, roasting is not simply an action, but a meticulously evolved art. In an effort to almost ‘honour’ the origin of each bean, to truly respect the passion of those who cultivated, picked and packed our beans at the origin, we can do nothing less than bring to the tasting table total commitment and the best roasting techniques available today.

Our specialty, gourmet coffees can be tasted on site at our roastery in Robertson. Hanno Schwartz, owner of Strictly Coffee, often makes the time to indulge the intrepid coffee explorer in an impromptu cupping! Drop by and take a seat alongside one of the devotees of coffee roasting in South Africa, as he teaches you about the bean and shares his infectious passion for coffee over a cup of ‘Latté-Art’. After a visit to Strictly Coffee, we are confident you too will make the switch from commercial coffee, to gourmet coffee.

Contact details:
023 626 6691


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