Tanagra Winery & Distillery

Tanagra is a boutique winery & distillery producing handcrafted wines & Grappa/Eau de Vie.

Come and visit the farm for a personal tasting experience with owners Robert & Anette (5km before McGregor, on the Robertson Road) -- expect cobwebs rather than stainless steel, and personal touch rather than routinized procedure.

Tanagra is a wine farm & winery devoted to a 'natural' way of winemaking (handpicking, whole berry and wild yeast fermentation) and to nature conservation - we are part of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI), which certifies environmentally responsible farming and wine-making.


Our focus is on single vineyard wines, typical of the fynbos dominated terroir at Tanagra, where blocks are embedded within the vegetation and landscape of indigenous succulent Karoo.

Our flagships are a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Carah (a new-world blend between Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz). We also produce, in very limited numbers, some very unusual, dry Cabernet Franc Blanc de Noir, and our ever popular house wine, the Heavenly Chaos (a Merlot-led blend).


At Tanagra we distil stylish Grappa & Eau de Vie in a special still (combined potstill & column still) brought from Germany. Our vision is to produce unique handcrafted top quality spirits with local grapes & fruits and German technology & know-how.

Our range includes various single-variety Grappa (distilled from pressed grape skins), some of them oak-matured, an Eau de Vie de Lie (distilled from wine lees) and various fruit Eau de Vie (apricot, peach, quince, and lemon).

Robert & Anette would like to welcome you for a personal wine and grappa tasting (free of charge) at Tanagra. They are usually open from 10h00 - 17h00 for tastings but please call to make sure that somebody is around.

Tanagra also provides accommodation in various farm cottages.

023 6251 780



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