Van Loveren

Known for it lush gardens where the trees all have a unique story to tell,
South Africa's largest family owned winery boasts a pallet of superb
experiences: Wine Tasting, Food & Wine pairings, Hiking, Garden Tour, Mountain Biking/ bike rental, Bird Watching, Bistro (lunch). Open 7 days a
week they have plenty secure parking, air con in summer, under-floor heating
in winter, is wheelchair accessible and offer free Wi-Fi.  TASTING
Visitors can choose from an informal tasting at the wine pods, or a relaxed
food & wine pairing which can be enjoyed on the deck overlooking the garden.
Pairings include Chocolate and wine, Cheese and wine, Charcuterie and wine,
Nougat, Nuts and wine, a Four Cousins fan pairing as well as non-alcoholic
pairings for both adults and children. 

The beautiful garden surrounding the winery is the legacy of Jean Retief
who, since her arrival in 1937, has planted many trees to commemorate
special family, political and historical occasions.  A leaflet detailing all
these stories are available from the staff and visitors are welcome to take
part in a self-guided tour or opt for a guided tour.

The informal bistro, Christina's specialises in thin crusted pizzas, gourmet
burgers; and also offers freshly squeezed juice.  On Sundays live music sets
the tone for an afternoon of good food, great wine and company.  (Please
note that Christina's is closed on Tuesdays)

The Fish Eagle Hiking trail is a 7.5 km circular trail that starts at the
winery.  Although not long in distance it is a challenging route with steep
gradients over Elandsberg mountain and loose gravel. Be aware that you will
need a fair level of fitness to enjoy this trail.  With spectacular views of
the valley floor, rich birdlife and a diverse range of flora, it is a
must-do activity for hikers, bird lovers and photographers alike.

Van Loveren also has 2 Mountain Bike Trails and bike rentals and offers
cellar tours during the week.  With a plethora of bird species on the hiking
trail, it is also a favoured bird watching hot spot and over 100 species
have been spotted in a single dayThe tasting room is open 7 days a week; Mon-Fri: 08h30-17h00, Sat:
09h30-16h30, Sun: 11h00-15h00, Public Holidays: 09h30 - 16h30

For more info please visit
Tel: 023-6151505 / E-mail:

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